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Interim dividend payment (Revised the number of shares and the amount of dividend payment)

Subject: Interim dividend payment (Revised the number of shares and the amount of dividend payment) 
To : Director and Manager, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Syntec Construction Public Company Limited ("Company"), informed to the notification of the resolutions of Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 9/2019, held on 9 August 2019, as follows:

1. Approval for interim dividend payment from net profit of performance of 1 January - 30 June 2019 to shareholders of 1,590,957,300 Shares (One Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Million and Nine Hundred Thousand and Fifty-SevenThousand and Three Hundred shares) in the rate of 0.04 Baht per share (Four Satang), in the amount of 63,638,2 9 2 Baht. (Sixty-Three Million and Six Hundred Thousand and
Thirty-Eight Thousand and Two Hundred and Ninety-Two Baht)
 2. Approval for setting on 26 August 2019 as the Record Date to identify rightful shareholders who may receive the dividend payment and the scheduled to be paid on 6 September 2019. 

Sep 23,2019 | POST BY Rattapawee