The company’s products or services are divided into 2 categories as follows:
Construction Business which is considered as the Company’s major business presents the high-income ratio and has been operated for a long time, its service characteristic is " Construction of a Turnkey Project". By providing service start at foundation works, piling work, soil protection systems, structural work, architecture sanitation systems, electrical systems, communications systems air conditioning systems, elevator systems and external landscaping work.

  • The type of construction as follows :

    • Residential such as condominium, serviced apartment, housing development project, subsidized ready-made house project, etc. At present, the Company is accepting a lot of works in high-rise building for residential.
    • Commercial such as general office high-rise building, multipurpose building, system work building, recreation center building, conference hall, product and automotive show room, etc.
    • Institutions such as school, hospital, medical center, subsidized house for officials, embassy, district office, metro maintenance area, air traffic control center or temple, etc.
    • Leisure such as hotel, villa, resort, etc.
    • Retails such as department store, supermarket, duty free shop or shopping mall, etc.
    • Industrial such as industrial estate, manufacturing facility, warehouse building or storehouse, etc.
    • Infrastructure Projects such as wastewater treatment project, flood reinforced concrete barrier, water quality control plant, clarifier construction and pipe jacking work, etc. All works are belonged to government sector.

  • Hospitality which is considered as the Company’s secondary business generates the steady and higher income ratio. It is operated through the Company and its subsidiaries based on the ownership categories as follows:

    • Project Developer: it is operated by S C R Asset Management Co., Ltd. (the Company’s shareholder 68%), presently, there are 3 projects under operation, one project which has been operated is Citadines Grand Central Sriracha Project, having been operated since March, 2015. Another 2 projects which are Somerset Central Sriracha Project and The Zone Prachinburi Project will be start in the next order.
    • Freehold: it is operated by C S M Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (the Company’s shareholder 60%) as the owner of condominium rooms at the Eight Thonglor Residence Project from 26th April, 2016.
    • Leasehold: it is operated by Natural Ville Serviced Apartment and Management Co., Ltd. and Syntec Asset Management Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Sam HR Co., Ltd.) to manage Natural Ville Residence Building with the lease rights period for 19 years, 7 months and 17 days or from 15th October, 2013 until 31st May, 2033.


The operational characteristic of this construction business can be divided into 2 types as follows:

  • Main Contractor: The Company will directly offer the price under the Company’s name to the project owner, works from private sector, government sector and state enterprise will be utilized of bidding, auction and price negotiation upon satisfaction of both parties, then the employment will be proceeded. In general, the Company is engaged as a Main Contractor, except those exceptional large projects requiring extensive field of expertise, the Company may consider setting up a joint venture or consortium to make it more reliable from the client’s point of view in terms of contractual performance and construction work quality. The Company has its own workmen and partly contracted out from subcontractor listed by the Company under regular competency assessment.
  • Subcontractor : The Company will accept works from other Main Contractors who are hired by the project owner, this kind of work is always the large-scaled project requiring multi-technology of construction. The Company will consider to accept works from well-known main contractors with solid financial status, reliable business operation experience and good partner to the Company, however, the Company will principally consider to be hired of works which are compatible to the Company’s potentiality, knowledge and competence, for example, subcontracting the construction of high-rise building, office building or air traffic control center, etc. Replace the old one with this.


  • Revenue by sector:
  • Private and Public
  • By geography
  • Types of work: Residential, Hospitality, Office, Mixed used, Others.

    1.) Construction business is considered the core business of Syntec representing more than 90% of the total revenue of the company. Within construction business, the scope of work and services that Syntec is able to provide include:

  • Foundation and soil protection work
  • Pilling work
  • Structural work
  • Architectural work
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works
  • Interior work
  • Turn Key work

Who we work for:

Our clients are mainly State-owned enterprises, Government of Thailand as well as mid to large real estate developers in Thailand, out of which more than 50% of the developers are listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Real Estate Developers:

Name at least top 10 companies in the SET.
Recurring income business which started in 2014 is aimed to generate a steady income for the Company in the long term. Currently we own and operate 4 hotels / serviced apartment in Thailand and one retail mall in central Bangkok. This represents a 7% of the total revenue generated. By 2020, we aim to increase this to at least 15%.